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House Speaker

Julie McCluskie


Senate President

Pro Tem

James Coleman


Former Colorado

First Lady

Dottie Lamm

Amanda Sawyer.webp


Amanda Sawyer


Senator Dafna Michaelson Jenet

"Leora is a compassionate leader with the right experience to be Denver's next District Attorney."

Pipefitters Local 208

gun sense candidate.png

Senator Chris Hansen

"Denver is at a moment in time when we need a change. Leora has the necessary experience and strong leadership skills to tackle public safety issues while making sure people who need support and treatment get the help they need."

State Rep. Steve Woodrow

blue flower fund endorsement_edited_edit

Yolanda Webb


Senator Dafna Michaelson Jenet

"Leora is a compassionate leader with the right experience to be Denver's next District Attorney."

Pipefitters Local 208

gun sense candidate.png

Senator Chris Hansen

"Denver is at a moment in time when we need a change. Leora has the necessary experience and strong leadership skills to tackle public safety issues while making sure people who need support and treatment get the help they need."

Senator Kevin Priola


Senator Kyle Mullica


Board Member

Kimberley Sia

Denver Public Schools


Former Denver Councilwoman Carol Boigon


Michael Carter


Aurora Public Schools



Marie Logsden

Climate Entrepreneur, Former Chief of Strategy, Gov. Hickenlooper

Spiegel, Ilana 2023 Foundation_Trustees.CC (2).jpeg

CU Regent

Ilana Spiegel

Jason Robinson 2.jpeg

Jason Robinson

Higher Education Leader


Kwon Atlas

Community Leader & Businessman


Ana Temu Otting

Corazon Printing & Consulting

2024a_kyle brown.jpg

Kyle Brown

Colorado State Representative


Haroun Cowans

Goshen Development

Noel Ginsburg, Founder CareerWise

"Great leadership is not one dimensional. Leora brings deep experience in criminal justice, while having the humanity to address the complexity of solutions that will move our city forward."

Portia Prescott, Civil Rights Leader & Community Activist

"Leora has spent her career fighting for victims in court. She understands the community and will bring justice to Denver."

Marc Kamin, Former Chair of the Denver Democratic Party

"It is my great honor to endorse Leora to be Denver’s next District Attorney. I know Leora will be great. She is one of the most caring and hardworking individuals that I have ever known. I hope many of you will join me in supporting Leora."

Hannah Siegel Proffesor & 


"Leora understands the complexities of the criminal justice system. One of her priorities is to focus on a youth-centered and development-appropriate response to juvenile delinquency. Her research-based approaches are much needed! Her leadership will focus on diversion, restorative justice, treatment, and services for youth." 

Lois Court, Former Democratic Senator and Rep

"When I first met Leora, I was impressed with how knowledgeable, passionate and committed to public service she is. Her vast experience clearly makes her extremely qualified to be Denver’s next District Attorney. I encourage you to join me in supporting her candidacy."

Danielle Young-Kombo, Community Activist

"Leora understands community and the need for engagement. She has the right experience to fight for victims and fight for justice."

Judy Amabile, House Representative

"Leora is a transformational leader- compassionate leadership skills and practical solutions. Denver is lucky to have her as the next District Attorney."
Rita Lewis .jpeg

Rita Lewis

Former Executive Director of Denver Metro Fair Housing Former Colorado Human Rights Commissioner Former President of Denver NAACP

"Leora is a proven super lawyer and cares deeply about what happens in denver. I am

endorsing Leora beacauses a mother, wife, advocate and all around great person."


Vita Lantz-Brown

Aurora Community Activist

James Brown Retired USAF TGST

"We wholeheartedly believe

Leora Joesph DA in Denver she will prioritize justice rights and public safety and be a leader of criminal justice reform and make our community safer!"

Nga Vu'o'ng-Sandoval  Refugee & Human Rights Advocate

"I am proud to support Leora. She has demonstrated unwavering principles by standing with underrepresented groups and representing our values. She will continue to ensure that all people have equity and justice."

Dawn Reinfeld, Founder & Executive Director Blue Rising

"Leora is a mom of three and understands the struggles and fears of parents that are worried about the mental health and addiction crisis facing our youth as well as the ever present fear of gun violence. She will be a strong leader focused on restoring integrity and dignity in our criminal justice system."
Thomas Mayes.jpeg


Thomas Mayes

Candidate for

City Council

 Ministerial Alliance

 "Leora understands justice. She is a committed warrior who will always fight to do the right thing." 

Doug Friednash, Attorney

Former Denver City Attorney

Former Governor's Chief of Staff

"Leora has the experience and skill to make Denver a safe and just city. She will lead with compassion and thoughtfulness, and I am excited that she will be the next District Attorney of Denver."
Erik Clarke .jpeg

Erik Clarke, Community & Business Leader

"Leora is thoughtful. She understands the District Attorney role and will manage the office successfully to make Denver safer and maintain fairness. She understands the gaps in the criminal justice system and will fight for a fairer system. I have confidence in Leora as our next District Attorney and I encourage folks to give her candidacy a look."
Ian Silveri.png

Ian Silverii

Former Director, ProgressNow Colorado

“Leora is a collaborative leader who understands the public safety space and has the compassion and experience to make necessary changes." 

Chris Nicholson, Community Activist

"Leora’s commitment to justice sets her apart as a leader. She fights for victims, supports effective diversion, and opposes criminalizing poverty. She brings her whole heart to everything she does and I’m proud to give her my support to be our next district attorney."

Gary Yourtz

Community Leader


Jude & Cindy Del Hierro

Confluence Ministries


Noah Stout

Stout Law


Gail DeVore, Patient Advocate


Perla Gheiler, 

Community Leader


Harvey Steinberg and Jeff Springer, Founders and Partners Springer and Steinberg, P.C.

Kay Cowling


Department of

Human Services

Kay Cowling.jpeg

Dr. Sandy Ho, EDI Leader and Expert Practitioner


Tish Maes, Latinas First Foundation Board Member


Pat Meyers

Former Chief of Staff for John Hickenlooper  Former Chief Economic Recovery Officer for the State of Colorado

Alyssa Nimelo.jpeg

Alyssa Nilemo, Candidate for State House District 44

Joyce Foster 2.jpeg

Former Colorado State Senator Joyce Foster

Ted Trimpa.jpeg

Ted Trimpa, Principal and CEO of Trimpa Group LLC

Murphy Robinson.jpeg

Murphy Robinson, President of Seca Secure, Former Deputy Mayor of Denver and  and Executive Director of Public Safety

Barb Grogan.jpeg

Barb Grogan, Philanthropist, Founder & Retired CEO of Western Industrial Contractors

shannon bird.jpg

Shannon Bird, Colorado State Representative

 "Leora is a common sense leader with practical solutions to make Denver safer. She is an expert in criminal justice issues and will lead the Denver District Attorney's Office with integrity and compassion. Denver is lucky to have her.” 

Lisa Neal Graves, CU Law Attorney and Community Activist

"I have worked with Leora on critical public safety projects and respect her as one who understands mental health issues and criminal issues as well as the gray areas in between. She is a brilliant and accomplished lawyer. I know she will be an amazing District Attorney for Denver, and I support her candidacy unequivocally. We need Leora as Denver’s next DA. Join me in supporting  Leora Joseph for Denver’s District Attorney.”

Steve Demby, Senior Partner at Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck

“Leora is the right person for this job. Denver is in need of strong and compassionate leadership. Everything Leora has done in her career has prepared her for this job, and she can use her experience to once again make our city safe! I am honored to endorse her.”
KM .jpeg

Hon. Karen Middleton, Former State Representative

 "Leora has spent a career fighting for justice, especially justice for women and children. She is the leader Denver needs."
jason mcbride.jpeg

Jason McBride


Founder, McBride Impact

Anti-Gang Violence Advocate


Vicki Cowart

Former President and CEO

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains


Denise Burgess

President/CEO of

Burgess Services

robert andrews.jpeg

Robert Andrews


Community Works


Norm Brownstein, Founder and Chairman of Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber, Schreck

dean singleton.jpeg

Dean Singleton

Founder and Board Chair of Media News Group


Colorado State Senator Jeff Bridges

Bruce James.jpeg

Bruce James,

Real Estate Shareholder at Brownstein Hyatt Farber Shreck

rashaad younger.jpeg

Rashaad Younger

Financial Professional

leonard martinez.jpeg

Leonard Martinez

AttorneyDocs Founder

mara sheldon.jpeg

Mara Sheldon


Squire Patton Boggs

joshua jackson.jpeg

Josh Jackson

Criminal Justice


David Foster.jpeg

David Foster


"Leora brings the necessary talent to be the next District attorney. Leora has the skills that will keep Denver safe, fair and just."

Sean Camacho .jpeg

Sean Camacho

Attorney &

Community Leader


"Leora is a proven leader. She understands how to improve public safety and respect individual dignity and circumstance. I am proud to support her and excited to see the needed change she will bring to Denver!”


Katie March

Community Member


"Leora will bring strong management skills, incredible experience in criminal justice and a heart of gold to Denver. We need her."


Greg Moore

Former Editor — Denver Post & Denver Mayoral Transition Co-chair


"I believe Leora has the necessary experience to lead the Denver District Attorney's Office. She has concrete solutions to make the city safer while respecting all people. And the focus to get the job done.”

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