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Throughout her career, Leora Joseph has fought for justice for the most vulnerable people caught in the complex criminal justice system. Her passion is driven by her faith and the obligation to repair the world. As an attorney, Leora has served in every aspect of public service that touches the criminal justice system– from prosecuting sexual assault cases, serving as Chief of Staff to the Colorado Attorney General, overseeing an urban police department, and transforming the systems that connect the justice system with the mental health system. 

Leora has amassed high-level leadership experience, including supervising special victims units and human trafficking units  in urban district attorney’s offices, managing a staff of approximately 250 lawyers as Chief of Staff for the Colorado Attorney General, managing a multi-million dollar budget at the state level, and overseeing a 50-person police department in the heart of downtown Denver. In each of these roles, victims and individuals impacted by crimes have consistently been at the center of Leora’s work. She has met with over 1,000 sexual assault victims and served on Colorado’s Child Fatality Review Board.


Throughout these experiences, Leora has become deeply aware of the gaps in the criminal justice system and how to address them to create a system that provides everyone with equal access to justice. She is an experienced manager who has supervised teams of lawyers, policy-makers, and advocates engaged in the important and intense work that make up different aspects of the criminal justice system. She currently oversees the state’s Office of Civil and Forensic Mental Health where she is focusing on transformational change in helping those with severe mental illness caught up in the criminal justice system 

Leora is highly respected in her field and was awarded the Colorado Woman Lawyer of the Year in 2016 and the Ralph Martin Prosecutor of the Year in 2008. She has shared her expertise as a frequent lecturer at renowned institutions such as the University of Colorado Denver and Harvard Law School.


Leora is most proud of her three children; motherhood continues to teach her about leadership, service and hope.

With a steadfast commitment to justice, Leora has left an indelible mark in her pursuit of a fair and equitable society. Take a look at some examples that highlight Leora's groundbreaking work, transformative initiatives, and recognition within the community. 

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